Front-end Engineer [CDI]
Front-end Engineer [CDI]

Front-end Engineer [CDI]

Following our seed fundraising (Xavier Niel, Voodoo, Kapten, Misterfly, Wonderbox, Birtchbox, founders...) we are building a team of A players to shape the future of travel.

💸 Salary + equity → According to profile

🗺 Location → Paris

Join us at a magical time.

We are convinced Travel will move into a new era.

Why? Because today booking a trip is just like buying socks, it sucks 🧦. Innovation in Travel has become such price driven that quality and services have disappeared. We are on a mission to help people to experience travel instead of consuming it.

How? By using the power of technology to create tailor-made trips according to users wishes. And our creativity to offer a new, seamless user experience 😎.

We need to build a completely new travel Product. That's why you are a key player into making our common dream come true ⭐️. So, if you are ready to jump into a very intense adventure, to create something meaningful and to shape the future of travel you're in the right place.

Become our Front-end Engineer

Your mission : bring Weekendr to life by implementing challenging designs with React & React Native.

You will be the owner of the Front-end app, making sure we're using state of the art technology and practices in order to offer the best experience to our customers .

What you will be doing ?

🚀 Build the product Front-end

Weekendr want to challenge how travel apps look and feel. You will make this dream come true by finding smart ways to implement the

innovating designs.

  • You'll implement challenging features (such as the price curve that drove our fans crazy 😝) while maximizing performances.
  • You'll implement smooth animations and transitions that make users feel they are in Sam Mendes 1917 continuous sequence shot 🎬
  • You'll make sure the product is perfect from the bottom left border-radius to the HTML structure by cherishing your code structure and implementing front end testing.

🤓 Implement Front-end Analytics

We are a data driven company. Analytics informs all our decisions so we can design a product that people love.

  • You'll implement the front-end tracking plan engineered with Maximilien (CTO) to measure the success of every feature 🎉
  • You'll make sure the data events are properly sent to the analytics pipeline. 📈
  • You'll monitor the Front-end performance.

🔍 Bring Weekendr SEO to the top

People need to find us when they are looking to travel. We will follow the best SEO practices in order to rank at Google top results within 2 years.

  • You'll implement 100% SEO friendly code and stay up to date with the best Google practices (Server-Side Rendering & Client-Side Rendering, Sitemap, etc...)👨‍🏭
  • You'll ensure our product is Mobile First.
  • You'll make sure Weekendr experience is homogeneous for everyone, regardless of their browser or laptop performance.

🤗 Help everyone to best accomplish its mission

We love technology and we use it everywhere. Your unique skills will be an incredible asset to help teammates to leverage their talent.

  • You'll code beautiful internal tools for the other departments (Communication, Customer support)
  • You'll share your knowledge among the team to open new perspectives to everyone such as automatizing boring stuff.
  • You'll contribute to our hacking spirit by developing cool hacks (connect our Philips hue to website events, automatizing beer orders on Thursday evening, put Easter eggs on the website...😂)

You'll fit the job if

You have the following skills

👩‍🚀 You share our pioneer spirit and want to become a Front-end reference.

💪🏻 You are high skilled in HTML / CSS / JS, have at least 2-3 years experience in React JS and have the ability to pick up new technologies quickly.

👁 You have a great eye for details, demonstrate creative and innovative problem solving and possess some leadership abilities.

🤓 You have an interest in Back-end & APIs

🤠 You're able to function independently and in a team environment with solid collaboration skills.

👗 You're up to date with the latest Front-end techno trends

🙂 You're enthusiast and used to working in an iterative process, motivated by customer feedbacks.

You recognize yourself in our values

🧐 We are self demanding. @Weekendr we try to do things well. This means we do beautiful, reliable, durable work. This is a way to show some respect to our customers and coworkers.

🤔 We ask ourselves Why before How. It allows us to take a step back on our work and question the motivations behind our actions. To find creative solutions to challenge the status quo.

😍 We all aim to create a working environment we are happy to come every morning. We are a cohesive team, sharing intense moments together. We are benevolent, humble and empathic. We are transparent and trustful with one another. Our goal is to help everyone to realize their full potential. And something meaningful.

👇👇 Join the crew. Apply 👇👇

What to expect from our hiring process?

  1. A 15 min intro call with Maximilien (CTO & Co-founder).
  2. An interview with Maximilien to introduce you to our next challenges and see what we can build together.
  3. An exercise to evaluate your hard skills and understand how you see the world.
  4. An Interview with an outside expert.
  5. A final Interview with Thomas (CEO & Co-founder) and Maximilien followed by an informal time with the team to see if you fit.

Getting to know Weekendr

Visit the following page to know more about the life at Weekendr, what people say about us, and other info 👇

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